Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Gavin and I ventured out on a day trip last month to San Diego to go see the Carlsbad flower fields.  I had been wanting to go for years and just finally decided to go one day.  Curtis was in Utah, but we had a great time anyways and enjoyed a relaxing day walking around and taking pictures of the flowers.  I think Gavin's favorite part was definitely the tractor ride and maybe the sweet-pea maze.  We also got to visit some good friends of ours that afternoon who just happen to live right down the street.  It was a great day, very exhausting, but very memorable.  We hope to do it again next year.

Monday, June 1, 2009


It was supposed to be a fun day at the park visiting a good friend and having lunch at Rubio's, but the day quickly took a turn for the worse.  First Gavin burned his fingers on a hot BBQ at the park (that we didn't know was hot) and got some pretty good blisters.  Understandably, he was really upset and couldn't stop screaming and crying so we finally made our way to a Target to get some Tylenol for the pain.  Finally he calmed down as we were getting our fish tacos.  Well, it wasn't even five minutes later when he randomly fell off his chair while eating and split his head open on the base of the table.  It was bleeding pretty hard and looked really deep so off we went to Urgent Care to go see the doctor.  By then I was feeling like the worse mom in the world, but accidents do happen and they just happened to be happening to us that day I guess.  Well, one hour and three staples later, we were all stitched up and ready to go home.  Gavin loved the Urgent Care though and didn't want to leave his new doctor friend and all those latex gloves.  I was just grateful my medically experienced friend was with us and helped me keep it together that day.  So a big thanks goes out to Melissa for 'holding my hand' through it all.  And no, you are not bad luck.  I have a feeling this is only the beginning of our Urgent Care trips.

Showing me his big boo-boo while sporting a nifty Spongebob band-aid.
Today we are boo-boo free and trying to keep it that way :-)!


One of our local parks threw a big Earth Day bash so Gavin and I went to celebrate, play, and learn some new things that can help our environment.  Since it was set up just for young kids I knew it would be a really fun afternoon.  We packed a picnic and sprawled out on the grass and enjoyed the live music and dancing and did some really cool crafts.  We had missed the beach clean up I wanted to take Gavin to so this was a good back up plan.  I couldn't stop singing John Denver all day.

The 'big dinosaur' that Gavin was really excited to get painted on his face.  He held so super still for the painter I couldn't believe it.  Too bad his big crocodile tears washed most of it away when I tried to make him leave the earth day party.

This was the coolest craft project.  We were supposed to make these into 'hats', but I just liked the way these liquid watercolor tie-dyes looked hanging flat.  I have plans to do something like this at home for some fun cheap art.

Some psychedelic fun play time.

Gavin hooked every last one of those train cars together.  He was on a mission to make the world's longest train or something.  


After the chaos.
The community Easter egg hunt was a little chaotic and crowded, even with just one and two year olds hunting.  With all the parents out there taking pictures and helping we were shoulder to shoulder.  Gavin gave up on the egg hunt though after only one minute and decided to go play on the jungle gym.  He was quite content however to sit in the grass and enjoy all his newly found candy.

Gavin made friends with this sweet little goat.  He just sat down and cuddled right up to him all on his own.

You can't tell by this picture, but Gavin was actually really excited to meet the Easter bunny.  He got a little shy when we got up there, but this was a huge improvement from meeting Santa Clause last Christmas.  I guess bunnies are a little more friendly seeming than old men in red suits.

Our good friends hosted Easter dinner again this year and so we spent the rest of Easter Sunday at their house eating, mingling and hunting Easter eggs.

Extreme Easter egg hunting.
Gavin found this helmet mid egg hunt and decided he needed it on.  The competition was a little stiff this year so maybe it would come in handy.

Barefoot with jellybeans.


Very proud of his Easter creations.
He certainly had his own ideas on how Easter eggs should be dyed.  Note to self:  next year dye eggs outside and don't care if they all come out a shade of brown.

The artist hard at work.  
That cup of orange dye later projected itself onto my nice area rug in the living room.  I will forever remember Easter 2009 when I walk across my carpet.  Some of the 'scars' of parenting.  Badges of honor I suppose.

A rainbow of eggs.
Our egg salad sandwiches were also very colorful



It was March 26th, 1999 when Curtis and I 'tied the knot'!  Can you believe it has been 10 years already?  We have moved six times, changed jobs eight times, and have had three cats, one dog, and one darling baby boy during these ten years.  At times it's been a roller coaster ride of sorts, but there isn't anyone else I'd rather share it with.  They have been the best ten years of my life and I already look forward to celebrating our twentieth anniversary! Let's just hope we don't move another six times by then!  Although, I wouldn't be surprised.

Our family--ten years later.


Since Gavin and I were in Seattle for Grandma's surgery we spent this Valentine's Day away from Curtis.  For the last couple of weeks Gavin had been getting dragged all around to the hospital and running errands or being babysat by lots of strangers so I decided we would spend Valentine's Day together at the park and getting a happy meal for lunch.  I just wanted to spend the whole day just focused on him.  We had a great time playing for what seemed like hours at the park.  A happy meal is always a big hit around here too.  Can anyone say chocolate milk?  We ended the day by bringing Grandma flowers and eating heart shaped lollipops.  It was my first time away from Curtis on Valentine's, but I was glad I got to spend it with my other favorite boy.


Our Valentine's Day portrait for all of you.
X's and O's!

My little Valentine.


Back in the 70's  our very own Topanga Canyon was quite the musical hub and starting point for many popular musicians and bands.  Famous lyrics, melodies, and even screen plays were written right here during that very infamous decade.  So we were thrilled when we started Gavin at a toddler music class right here in Topanga about a year ago.  We thought that if Gavin ever became a famous musician it be so cool to claim he got his start right here in Topanga like so many other great artists :-)!!  Well, Gavin is certainly no musical protege yet, but he really got into all the music and singing every week.  Some of his favorite songs were The Grand Ol' Duke of York, I'm a Little Tea Pot, and The Wheels on the Bus.  It has been a lot of fun and we are very glad Gavin has had the experience.  We haven't been in a couple of months now, since we are very unemployed and extremely jobless at the moment, but we hope Gavin has had a good exposure to music and will love it all his life.  Luckily for him there is still lots of musical exposure in our house.  Who knows, maybe some day he will become a great guitarist or drummer.  You never know.

Looking for the 'mouse' inside the guitar during Hickory Dickory Dock.

Not always a willing participant, but he certainly got captivated by many of the songs including this Three Birds on the Fence song.

Gavin's favorite instrument there.  He was one of the older kids in the group and one of the only ones who could actually play this whistle.  He loved to help out and play it during the train songs.