Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We were so excited to all be together as a family this year for Easter. We made sure to make the most of it. Hunting Easter eggs, dying Easter eggs, eating Easter eggs (and candy!), holding real Easter bunnies, and listening to Conference made for the perfect Easter holiday!

This particular egg hunt decided to scatter plastic egg halves seperately to have more of them to collect for all the kids. The only problem on our end was that Gavin was way more concerned about putting egg halves back together then he was collecting them. By the time he would match a set all the rest around him would be gone. It was pretty funny watching this play out.

Eventually he ended up with quite a few and got to turn them in for some candy!

Easter morning.

Inbetween conference sessions we made our cute little 'bird nests' complete with peanut butter eggs. Gavin was very pleased with his creations. Thanks Sara for the cute idea!

Dying our Easter eggs earlier that weekend. Curtis was in charge of this project this time round and I am happy to say that no fancy rugs were stained in the process, unlike last year.

The final product.
I think Curtis will have to be in charge of egg dying every year.

That weekend at the park a little boy and girl brought their pet bunnies with them to play. Gavin and the boy made an agreement to temporarily trade his radio controlled car to hold the bunny. Gavin sat there with that bunny for almost an hour and then followed them around the park for another hour. He wanted to do nothing else but hold that rabbit. He was smitten.

Gavin and his Easter bunny.
He wouldn't go near that guy in a bunny suit this year, but the kid does love a real little bunny. And they were the sweetest little rabbits you've ever held. They were like toy dolls. Someday we will have lots of bunnies and chickens and maybe even a goat for good measure.


One of our new favorite activities to do here in LA is to head over to In-N-Out for a double-double and sit and watch the planes come in at LAX. Gigantic 747's fly in from all over the world and literally land only feet away. It is awsome!

Some of these planes don't look very big or close in the pictures, but they really are so close that you almost feel like ducking when they fly over. And you definitely feel a strong blast of wind as they go by. Obviously, Gavin loves watching them.

Sometimes he makes a friend or two.

This was a cool flower that got blown off of one of the trees we were standing under when a particularly large plane flew by.

If you're ever landing at LAX, look out your window and see if you can spot an In-N-Out right next to the runway. If you can, maybe we are there watching you fly in.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Gavin has really taken an interest in photography lately and it seems for every one picture I take, he wants to take ten. His mother couldn't be more proud!

Of course he's interested in taking pics of all his treasures and toys.

Time to get the kid his own camera I think.


With Grandma and Grandpa Wallwork in town for a few days we decided to get out of the house and try something new. In all the years we've lived in L.A. we have never been to the Science Center and I was surprised to find out that it was free! So off we went.

A cool piece of sculpture that worked just like those 'phones' made out of string and two paper cups.

There was lots of play time at these neat play stations they had set up.

Rocket ships, robots, and space have become some of Gavin's latest obsessions thanks in part to Wall-E and Star Wars. So the air and space play area was perfect for our little explorer.

You could also 'build' this house and carry up your own supplies with the neat little pulley bucket. This was a big hit.

Another hit was this cool police helicopter.

I think Gavin thought he owned this helicopter and that he really knew how to fly it. He was gonna go somewhere in it for sure. And don't worry, we have since cut his hair so it's not in his eyes anymore.


It was just an ordinary weekend. We didn't venture far from home, but it couldn't have been more perfect. There was an art-walk a mile from our house and next to one of our favorite parks so spent the afternoon there exploring the neighborhood.

We found some cool art along the way and a nice spot to lounge a bit.

We found a wall of airplanes that included Curtis' favorite. Cutis pointed it out to Gavin.

We walked along the south side of Santa Monica airport and I scouted out some uber urban photo spots.

We also found an amazing original Mini Cooper that all of us fell in love with.

We stopped by 'airplane park' to play for a bit...

and dig tunnels in the sand....

and make our own zen garden.

We watched some planes come in from the runway and others take off. It was the perfect weekend at home. Our new home.


It was certainly a very hot St. Patrick's Day this year. Gavin and I spent the day playing in the water at Manhattan Beach's fountains and eating some yummy pinkberry! There happened to be a birthday party going on so we got to enjoy some good music, bubbles, and lots of little friends running around too!

The cutest little leprechaun I ever did see!

Kiss me I'm Irish!

Earlier in the day we had a little excitement at the house. Curtis had come home during his lunch break and we were all sitting down to eat when all of the sudden the fire alarms started going off in the whole building. We sat there a little surprised and wondering if this was a real fire emergency. We made our way outside with alarms blarring in our ears (we were all wearing earplugs at this point and it was still deafening) and waited outside while the fireman went to work. I don't think there was any kind of fire fortunately, just some faulty alarm system error. But regardless, Gavin thought it was the coolest thing to see the fireman walking around our building dressed in their full suits and watching all the firetrucks coming and going! There's never a dull moment around here these days.