Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Gavin and I ventured out on a day trip last month to San Diego to go see the Carlsbad flower fields.  I had been wanting to go for years and just finally decided to go one day.  Curtis was in Utah, but we had a great time anyways and enjoyed a relaxing day walking around and taking pictures of the flowers.  I think Gavin's favorite part was definitely the tractor ride and maybe the sweet-pea maze.  We also got to visit some good friends of ours that afternoon who just happen to live right down the street.  It was a great day, very exhausting, but very memorable.  We hope to do it again next year.


jedibabe said...

Darcy, these pictures are spectacular! The model in the pics is pretty cute too! Good work on both.

Sierra Parke said...

You take such amazing photos Darcy! I love them! Tennyson loves tractors too. What a beautiful place...glad you had such a wonderful time.