Monday, June 1, 2009


One of our local parks threw a big Earth Day bash so Gavin and I went to celebrate, play, and learn some new things that can help our environment.  Since it was set up just for young kids I knew it would be a really fun afternoon.  We packed a picnic and sprawled out on the grass and enjoyed the live music and dancing and did some really cool crafts.  We had missed the beach clean up I wanted to take Gavin to so this was a good back up plan.  I couldn't stop singing John Denver all day.

The 'big dinosaur' that Gavin was really excited to get painted on his face.  He held so super still for the painter I couldn't believe it.  Too bad his big crocodile tears washed most of it away when I tried to make him leave the earth day party.

This was the coolest craft project.  We were supposed to make these into 'hats', but I just liked the way these liquid watercolor tie-dyes looked hanging flat.  I have plans to do something like this at home for some fun cheap art.

Some psychedelic fun play time.

Gavin hooked every last one of those train cars together.  He was on a mission to make the world's longest train or something.  

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Sierra Parke said...

Hi Darcy! I loved looking at all your great pictures. Gavin is getting cuter and bigger by the day!!! What a handsome little boy! Congratulations on 10 years of marriage. Wow--time really flies. Conan and I have only been married 5 years, but it feels like an eternity already! Just kidding!!! Tell Curtis I said hi.