Monday, June 1, 2009


Since Gavin and I were in Seattle for Grandma's surgery we spent this Valentine's Day away from Curtis.  For the last couple of weeks Gavin had been getting dragged all around to the hospital and running errands or being babysat by lots of strangers so I decided we would spend Valentine's Day together at the park and getting a happy meal for lunch.  I just wanted to spend the whole day just focused on him.  We had a great time playing for what seemed like hours at the park.  A happy meal is always a big hit around here too.  Can anyone say chocolate milk?  We ended the day by bringing Grandma flowers and eating heart shaped lollipops.  It was my first time away from Curtis on Valentine's, but I was glad I got to spend it with my other favorite boy.


Our Valentine's Day portrait for all of you.
X's and O's!

My little Valentine.

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jedibabe said...

Ok, I've reached the end of your wonderful new pictures and I'm a blubbery mess! I miss you all so much and love you even more. You are such a talented photographer Darcy and you are all a beautiful family. Gavin sure is handsome. I'm praying for your next ten years to be even more wonderful than the first ten, and with maybe just a tad more career and geographic stablity!