Monday, November 15, 2010


The Getty Museum recently did a children's concert series and included in the line-up was our favorite of all time, Elizabeth Mitchell. If you are not familiar with her music you are missing out! Her songs have a lovely folk sound with mellow vocals and beautiful acoustic backgrounds....I listen to her music even when Gavin is not around. In fact, our whole family loves her music and we were so excited to see her live in concert. We got there early and got a front row seat. Beautiful weather and beautiful music made for the perfect afternoon.

Gavin LOVES her music and was so excited to meet her. Can you tell?

Here we are getting our new cd signed by Elizabeth and her daughter, Story. They were both so sweet. Her husband was also there and plays the guitar and sings along with her sometimes. Making music for them is a family affair.

Together as a family enjoying the concert on the lawn.

It was a good day.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Our most photograhic trip yet!
During our visit home to Seattle we took a two day road trip with
Grandma and Grandpa Higbee on a scenic loop around the Olympic Penninsula. I couldn't believe what we saw in only two days. Prepare yourselves for photo I've posted a lot this time!

Our cute little cabin that we stayed in while in Westport/Grayland. So charming and cheap too!

The beaches in Grayland were HUGE. Just miles and miles of wide open sand. We turned Gavin and the dog loose and almost lost them. They quickly became little specks.

After we finally caught up with them a mile away.

The lighthouse in Westport.

Kalaloch Beach.
After breakfast and exploring the town of Westport we headed up the coast and into the Olympic Rainforest. Such a pretty drive. We stayed the night at the Kalaloch Lodge, the only hotel in the rainforest, and enjoyed some amazing food, views and beach combing.

Gavin found this dead crab on the beach and immediately started calling him 'My Crabby Pet'. He wouldn't part with him no matter how many little legs fell off. Crabby Pet traveled in a paper hotel cup for the rest of the trip until at one point he got crushed. Gavin finally had to say goodbye to his little Crabby Pet. So sad.

Up the coast we drove some more until we came to my absolute favorite place in the world, Ruby Beach. I've been here a few times in the past with Curtis, but it had been years. It felt good to be back. I think my Northwest roots must stem from here for I haven't felt so at home in a long time. Hands down, this place is a must see for everyone. Well the whole penninsula is, but especially Ruby Beach.

Gavin with Grandma and Grandpa Higbee and little Buddy.

I think Ruby Beach must have been Gavin's favorite place in the world too because he seemed like he was in Gavin Heaven. We could not get him to leave.

One view of Ruby Beach.

Me and my boy.

Gavin LOVES to collect both sticks and rocks so you can imagine how many treasures we came home with. I think my suitcase had 10 lbs of just beach combing finds.

The whole crew.

After leaving Ruby Beach we drove northward some more till we came to the town of Forks, had a late breakfast, and then drove all the way up to Hurricane Ridge way up in the mountains. I had never been to this particular spot and it gave us some amazing views and wildlife sightings.

Gavin burning off some extra energy.

Just feet away.

Then after ALL THAT we also drove up to the town of Port Townsend and had a lovely dinner next to the water. Such a quaint and adorable town. Another must see for anyone.

A little dessert.

Our view from the restaurant.

And then TWO ferry boat rides home to connect our roadtrip loop.

All that in only two days.
Thanks Susan and Boyd for such a lovely trip and all the wonderful memories. Next time we will have to get Curtis up there to do it with us.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


The last time I was in Canada I was sporting a red cummerbund and bow-tie and singing with a bunch of other awkward pre-teens in my junior high choir. While watching the Olympics this past January I starting thinking how fun it would be to go back for a visit and really enjoy the city as an adult. I have been day-dreaming of unique food and culture and totem poles ever since. I thought my trip home to Seattle this summer was the perfect chance to sneak away for a few days to our friendly neighbor up north. One of my bestest friends, Linda, and her daughter, Leah, came along and the four of us were off on a mom-and-kid adventure.

Some sections of town were just so charming.

The Vancouver Aquarium was a must see on our mom-and-kid adventure.

These baluga whales were just so endearing and really melted my heart. My favorite part of the aquarium by far.

It was a VERY hot day, so don't feel too bad for the poor unexpecting girl. Although, I'm glad it wasn't me.

Verde Tortuga.
He was a close second on my favorite's list. I have a thing for turtles anyways, but he was just as cute and charming as turtles come. We watched him for a long, long time.

All that effort just to try to get us to buy an animal balloon. Gavin and all the other kids thought he was hilarious though. Actually, this is what I almost look like sometimes trying to get Gavin to take a picture for me. How low we stoop.

Moms-and-kids out and about in Vancouver.

Canadian money.
Gavin liked that it was blue and had shiny spots on it.

Aaaahhh, my Japadog.
Now this was the culinary highlight of my trip. The best four bucks that I spent. They are all the rage and worth every word of hype I heard before hand. Combine a sushi roll with a hot dog and you have my lunch. And yes, that is seaweed on top. And it was GOOD. Oh and I'm still obsessing about the mint mojito smoothie we also had a few times while we were there.

Oh, Vancouver, how I miss you already. But it was good to get back to the States.
Us moms with a couple of kids had a fantastic time, despite a few melt-downs (well, dozens actually) and some border crossing stress and traffic. The rest of the trip was almost magical and I cannot wait to go back. Next time the dads are invited.