Monday, June 1, 2009


After the chaos.
The community Easter egg hunt was a little chaotic and crowded, even with just one and two year olds hunting.  With all the parents out there taking pictures and helping we were shoulder to shoulder.  Gavin gave up on the egg hunt though after only one minute and decided to go play on the jungle gym.  He was quite content however to sit in the grass and enjoy all his newly found candy.

Gavin made friends with this sweet little goat.  He just sat down and cuddled right up to him all on his own.

You can't tell by this picture, but Gavin was actually really excited to meet the Easter bunny.  He got a little shy when we got up there, but this was a huge improvement from meeting Santa Clause last Christmas.  I guess bunnies are a little more friendly seeming than old men in red suits.

Our good friends hosted Easter dinner again this year and so we spent the rest of Easter Sunday at their house eating, mingling and hunting Easter eggs.

Extreme Easter egg hunting.
Gavin found this helmet mid egg hunt and decided he needed it on.  The competition was a little stiff this year so maybe it would come in handy.

Barefoot with jellybeans.

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jedibabe said...

Gavin looks so cute and grown-up in that little outfit; what a cutie!