Monday, June 1, 2009


It was supposed to be a fun day at the park visiting a good friend and having lunch at Rubio's, but the day quickly took a turn for the worse.  First Gavin burned his fingers on a hot BBQ at the park (that we didn't know was hot) and got some pretty good blisters.  Understandably, he was really upset and couldn't stop screaming and crying so we finally made our way to a Target to get some Tylenol for the pain.  Finally he calmed down as we were getting our fish tacos.  Well, it wasn't even five minutes later when he randomly fell off his chair while eating and split his head open on the base of the table.  It was bleeding pretty hard and looked really deep so off we went to Urgent Care to go see the doctor.  By then I was feeling like the worse mom in the world, but accidents do happen and they just happened to be happening to us that day I guess.  Well, one hour and three staples later, we were all stitched up and ready to go home.  Gavin loved the Urgent Care though and didn't want to leave his new doctor friend and all those latex gloves.  I was just grateful my medically experienced friend was with us and helped me keep it together that day.  So a big thanks goes out to Melissa for 'holding my hand' through it all.  And no, you are not bad luck.  I have a feeling this is only the beginning of our Urgent Care trips.

Showing me his big boo-boo while sporting a nifty Spongebob band-aid.
Today we are boo-boo free and trying to keep it that way :-)!


jedibabe said...

I feel so bad for both of you! What a difficult day. Those will happen though; what kids gets through a fun and adventurous childhood without a few trips to the emergency room?

Sierra Parke said...

What a brave boy! I'm glad everything went okay.