Saturday, November 16, 2013

the belly

In an attempt to update this blog I am going to be posting a series of old photos/stories that have occured in the last couple of years that I feel are important to our family, that I don't want to leave out.  I hope to soon be back to current events!

And with news of finally being pregnant we got to watch, with delight, my belly grow bigger and bigger.

This pregnancy was very similar to my last in that it was easy and without any complications. I did experience a few weeks of morning sickness this time, but still so, so mild compared to most woman. Achy hips and back, with a little sciatica made the end pretty uncomfortable, but all in all it was another wonderful experience. I really love being pregnant...most of the time :-)                            

Gavin was so excited for his baby sister to arrive!

A few last trips to Disneyland before the little peanut arrived.
We had a feeling we wouldn't be going much in the next few months.

Getting ready to go to the hospital!

This is the last picture I took of my pregnant belly right before we headed to the hospital where our baby girl was soon to make her debut!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

3 + 1 = 4

It has been almost two years since I last updated this blog.  Lately I have found myself being drawn back to it and wanting to add to it once again.  Obviously so much has happened in the last couple of years that it is hard to know where to begin and how to catch up.  So I am going to just skip past all the small details and start things back up with the biggest thing that's happened to us in the last two years....

We had a baby!

But let's back up 9 months.

First things first...
We FINALLY got pregnant.
And my due date was July 11, 2012. Or as we referred to it as 7-11
And we were just THRILLED!!!

We had been trying to get pregnant for over two years with no luck.  My doctor told me there was nothing else she could do to help me and referred me to a fertility clinic.  But with the cost associated with fertility treatments we knew it wasn't an option at that time.  Plus, I just felt like it wasn't the right thing for us.  But the fact was that we had been trying for 26 months and still nothing.  Gavin was about to turn five that October and my heart just yearned for him to have a sibling.  

So it felt like nothing short of a miracle when we finally learned we were pregnant.  That Halloween a pregnancy test finally, finally, finally showed two pink lines...positive!  Our little family was finally about to get bigger, right along with my belly.

And before we knew it July of 2012 was upon us and my due date was quickly approaching.

And as I was crossing off the final day on my calendar in my 9 month count down I found myself writing this:


Our family of three was about to become a family of four!
(which also happens to be my favorite number!)




Stay tuned for a few more posts to update this here little blog and then we will be back in action!  I hope to keep this a place with currents photos of our family and what we are up to.  Thanks for stopping by!