Friday, July 23, 2010


Yes, this is how I found Gavin last week after a long day of HARD playing, asking for a snack upon returning home and then sitting down to eat it. Fast asleep, face down, with his hand still in the bowl of cereal. Poor little kiddo.


Since moving to our new 3rd floor condo we no longer have a yard to play, hang out, or garden in, but we have quickly learned to love our little patio way up high. We feel like little birds in our nest looking down on the world below us and have found many ways to enjoy it. One of those has been growing an herb/container garden. We planted rosemary, cilantro, tyme, basil, italian parsley, mint, and some strawberries. Gavin loves watering the plants with me and asks everyday to 'go pick strawberries' even when they are just green little buds. This was our first strawberry harvest and he couldn't wait to pick them....and eat them! And yes, they were very tasty.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Our move back to California happened very quickly and with only five days notice. Within a week we had found temporary housing, filled both our cars with the bare necessities, and driven back to sunny So Cal. For the last four months our family has been living with what we could pack into two cars. And trust me, it isn't much. Finally Gavin and I made a trip back to Utah to pack up what was left behind and drive it all here to our new home in California. While there, I made sure to take Gavin to the much anticipated Day Out With Thomas, which happens only once a year in Utah.

This consisted of a train engine completely covered with an exact replica of Thomas the Tank Engine. (See the next paragraph for why there is no picture of this). Then board Thomas' train for a short jaunt, play with Thomas train sets, watch Thomas movies, listen to music, play games, and get your picture taken several dozen times and you have Day Out With Thomas. Gavin was practically a celebrity too since he wore his Thomas Halloween costume to the event. EVERYWHERE we went someone was commenting about the awesome/cute/adorable/insert another adjetive costume. He was a rock star that day and by far the cutest Thomas fan around.

Unfortunately, 98% of the photos I took became corrupted on my memory card and only download as 'blanks'. These four shots are about all I have from the day. I am still trying to come to terms with this loss, since there were many adorable photos of the day, but I am just grateful to have these four. So just envision a beaming smiley boy, lots of trains, and family sharing the day with us.


Gavin seems to have developed a fetish for sunglasses lately. We finally got him these James Dean inspired shades after he kept raiding our 'stash' on a daily basis.

The 3-D variety

A little alien boy visiting for an Icee

This is how Gavin keeps himself entertained while I'm getting ready in the bathroom


Couldn't ask for a better father. Gavin adores him and I am thankful everyday to have him. Here are a few of my favorite shots of father and son over the last year.