Saturday, June 12, 2010


Ever since our good friends Debbie and Dave moved to Colorado Springs eight years ago Curtis and I have been meaning to go visit. Finally just Gavin and I were able to make a trip there and spend a week hanging out with them and their two cute boys, Dallin and Dawson. It was a jam packed week filled with lots of outings and a few meltdowns, but we had so much fun! So thank you guys for having us and showing us around your neck of the woods! We can't wait to do it again!

The boys.
Aren't they so cute together?

Two peas in a pod.

Sporting the lion suit.

Garden of the Gods.

Another view of the Garden of the Gods park.
Although we took the boys out for a little hike earlier in the week Debbie and I decided it would be nice if just the two of us could get out and hike together. This was by far the highlight of my trip. I really could have spent all week there and I can't wait to go back and show Curtis.

More from our hike in Garden of the Gods.
This place was just incredible and overwhelmingly beautiful. Very much like Sedona or Moab, but just 20 minutes from their house. I couldn't stop taking pictures.

Another highlight of the trip was a tour of the Olympic Training Center. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a little obsessed about the Olympics. So I was just thrilled that we were able to take a tour and see where all the hard work and training takes place. It was awesome to see athletes walking around in their USA gear and see some of them actually training. A very inspiring place filled with lots of talent. Sigh. I can't wait to watch London 2012.

During the Vancouver Winter Olympics we watched all the various events every night and occasionally Gavin would stop playing and sit and watch with us. We started realizing that the event he kept stopping to watch was the bobsled competition. He commented on how fast they went and the sharp turns in the track and he even pretended to be a bobsledder in a cardboard box. So when he saw this bobsled on display at the training center he was all over it. He actually climbed up there and smiled and said 'Mom, take my picture!' Trust me, those words have never come out of his mouth before (or since). The boy really likes bobsledding. Who knows, maybe we will have an Olympian in the family some day.

Another stop on the tour of Colorado was the Airforce Academy. This place was also so amazing. Just a beautiful setting with modern achitecture, some cool planes, and lots of talented young people as well. We let the boys out to run around this B-52 bomber before heading to the chapel and giftshop.

This is the chapel. Isn't it so cool looking? It has three different levels of worship so that everyone could worship under one roof. One level for Protestants, one for Catholics, and one for the Jewish and Buddhists.

The stain glass windows are really the amazing part of it though. I have never seen a chapel so impressive in my life, with maybe the exception of Notre Dame, as this one was. The neon lines they create are so geometric and almost seem futuristic. I was in awe.

In the gift shop.

So thanks again D,D,D,and D for the awesome week and taking the time to show us around and turn your house upside down for a few days. We can't wait for your trip here to Disneyland and to return the hosting favor. Thanks again!

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daveanddebbie said...

You guys are welcome here anytime!
Thanks for making the trip out. Dave has promised we can go visit you within the year!! I'll have to hold him to it! Love you guys!