Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This was my third time to Disneyland with Gavin and finally poor Curtis got to come! We were so excited to go together as a family! Despite Gavin throwing up from a chocolate milk overdose and it being pretty hot outside that day we had a fabulous time!

No, the tea cups had nothing to do with Gavin getting sick.
Although Curtis and I both got totally motion-sick from the Star Tours ride and weren't the same the rest of the day. Curtis was so bad off that he sat out all the rides afterwards, even Dumbo! Too bad Star Tours was Gavin's favorite ride of the day because I will NEVER do that one again.

Gavin with his new Woody doll he just bought. Poor Woody didn't make out too well in the throwing-up incident. He was only about an hour old when he got 'initiated' into Gavin's toy world. They both cleaned up pretty well though.


6gilberts said...

Hey guys!
Long time no talk. I'm glad you found my blog because I didn't have yours. I'd love to get together. Are you coming this way at all during summer? Any new "news" you'd like to share? How's the new job, place, life, etc.? I've thought about having to change my license plate and though it'd be a bummer, it's not a deal breaker. :) We'll see if anything happens???

Sierra Parke said...

How fun! Do you guys have Disneyland passes? We are thinking about getting them as soon as we move back. It would be so much fun to take the boys together. I love all your pictures...you always take the neatest pictures Darcy! By the way, you look as beautiful as ever!