Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We were so excited to all be together as a family this year for Easter. We made sure to make the most of it. Hunting Easter eggs, dying Easter eggs, eating Easter eggs (and candy!), holding real Easter bunnies, and listening to Conference made for the perfect Easter holiday!

This particular egg hunt decided to scatter plastic egg halves seperately to have more of them to collect for all the kids. The only problem on our end was that Gavin was way more concerned about putting egg halves back together then he was collecting them. By the time he would match a set all the rest around him would be gone. It was pretty funny watching this play out.

Eventually he ended up with quite a few and got to turn them in for some candy!

Easter morning.

Inbetween conference sessions we made our cute little 'bird nests' complete with peanut butter eggs. Gavin was very pleased with his creations. Thanks Sara for the cute idea!

Dying our Easter eggs earlier that weekend. Curtis was in charge of this project this time round and I am happy to say that no fancy rugs were stained in the process, unlike last year.

The final product.
I think Curtis will have to be in charge of egg dying every year.

That weekend at the park a little boy and girl brought their pet bunnies with them to play. Gavin and the boy made an agreement to temporarily trade his radio controlled car to hold the bunny. Gavin sat there with that bunny for almost an hour and then followed them around the park for another hour. He wanted to do nothing else but hold that rabbit. He was smitten.

Gavin and his Easter bunny.
He wouldn't go near that guy in a bunny suit this year, but the kid does love a real little bunny. And they were the sweetest little rabbits you've ever held. They were like toy dolls. Someday we will have lots of bunnies and chickens and maybe even a goat for good measure.


Sierra Parke said...

I love the pictures of Gavin holding the bunny. What fun!!! Tennyson would have been way to chicken to hold it!

daveanddebbie said...

Yeah,new posts! We miss Gavin! He is so photogenic, and even a great photographer!

Kevin and Kristen said...

Looks like a fun Easter. Those Easter eggs are so cool looking, and I love the picture of Gavin with the bunny too.