Sunday, June 20, 2010


The firestations here did an open house for the public a while back and we just had to bring Gavin. A few days earlier I had locked my keys in the car and the firemen down the street quickly came to our rescue and had our keys back in my little hand within minutes (and told us about the open house). Gavin was just thrilled to see the firetruck and all the fireman 'working' on our car. I knew he would flip out to see the firetrucks again and sit inside. And he did.

He's been practicing for this moment his whole life!

The rear steering wheel way up high.

They let everyone climb all over the trucks and walk along the ladders on top to go sit way in the back at the rear steering wheel. It was like a jungle-gym for the young and old. I don't know how many times Gavin walked across it.

They even had a dalmation, who of course was named Smokey.

Checking out the gear.

Just finishing his hot dog lunch grilled by the fireman themselves.

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Kevin and Kristen said...

Little boys and firestations! He looks like he had a blast!