Monday, October 26, 2009


It was a nice intimate little party with just us family members there to celebrate.  Milo and Otis played in the background while we opened gifts and had our homemade cupcakes.  As you can see, it was a Thomas the Tank Engine themed party complete with balloons.  We had ridden the train that morning and on our drive home it really started to rain.  Luckily it let up and the sun came out just in time so Gavin could ride his new birthday bike.  All-in-all it was a awesome day.

The rockstar/birthday boy.
While I was out grabbing party supplies Gavin decided that he needed to 'get ready' for the party and helped himself to my makeup (note that this did not happen under my watch).  When I came home I was greeted by this newly decorated face.  At first I thought the guys had decorated him up in Halloween makeup, but quickly learned that he had done this all on his own.  His face was covered in concealer and he had 'applied' mascara to his eyes.  It was a little creepy seeing him in all this makeup.  He definitely had a edgy rocker kid look to him.  We decided to leave it on for the party since he took the liberty of applying it, but about half way through we tried to clean it off with only marginal results.  So the party continued and by the next morning it had all worn off.  Maybe someday when he's a teenager we'll pull out these photos and show them to his date.  Just for fun.

Thanks Aunt Tammy...He LOVED this wrapping paper!

So our little guy is now three years old and getting bigger every week.  We have officially survived the 'terrible twos', but we have been warned about the 'horrible threes'.  According to some veteran parents, it gets worse.  So we are gearing up for another 'interesting' year, but remain optimistic.  I'm sure it will be another year of tantrums, tears, opinions, and back-talking, but hopefully just the smiles and laughter will become our memories.   So here's to another year.  Hopefully we survive.  Intact.

That look has trouble written all over it!
Still sporting some man-liner.

Behold, the beloved birthday bike.
The only thing Gavin wanted for his birthday this year was a bike.  This of course was the most exciting news for Curtis.  Curtis was beside himself with excitement of giving Gavin his very first set of wheels.  We had looked for weeks trying to decide which one would be just right.  So after many test rides and numerous bike shops we finally found the one.  It is the slightly bigger 16" bike and has an aluminum frame and wheels.  This baby should last him till he's at least six.  We hope.  So thanks Grandpa Parker for your help with this.  We know he loves it!

Getting ready for the 'maiden voyage'. 
 This was Gavin's first look at his new bike and right before his first ride on it at home.

Another year, another candle.

Curtis made these blocks from scratch as one of Gavin's birthday presents.  I know they will spend hours building and rebuilding many a tower and castle.  What a good daddy.

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