Sunday, October 25, 2009


Since our son seems to be obsessed with trains these days, we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate his 3rd birthday by taking a train ride!  So with Grandpa Parker and Uncle Brent in tow, we headed up to Heber Valley to take a three hour train ride through the beautiful fall countryside.  The day truly was perfect.  The weather, the company, and the scenery were all amazing.  Gavin was beside himself with excitement about riding on the train and we haven't heard the end of it since.  He watches Thomas the Train constantly, makes train whistle noises daily, and has chosen to dress as Thomas the Train for Halloween.  Stay tuned for more birthday pics because I assure you they all include trains as well.

The Heber Creeper

Every night before bed Gavin wants us to read a Bill Peet book called 'Smokey' about an old steam engine.  It has become one of his favorite books.  When he saw this old train parked out front at the train station he knew instantly that this was Smokey and ran up to him to say 'hi'.  He was in awe.

'The Caboose who got Loose' is another Bill Peet book that we read on a daily basis.  So here is Gavin admiring Katy Caboose from afar.

The train conductor also was a hit with Gavin on this trip.  Since he has seen the movie Polar Express a couple hundred times now the conductor is really impressive.  His eyes lit up when the conductor yelled 'All Aboard' for our trip.  I think he thought he really was getting on the Polar Express Train.

Gavin and Dad showing me their tickets for the train.
  Gavin is all about tickets lately.  It all started when Gavin wouldn't get in the car easily at the park so we would have him find a 'ticket' for his train ride home on the Mama's Green Express Train (aka my green Subaru Outback).  The ticket was usually some form of a leaf that he'd found on the ground.  It works everytime.

Oh the joy of trains!  Do you think he was having a good time?

The Parkers on a train.

One of my favorite shots from the trip.  I think Curtis and I had just as much fun on the train ride as Gavin.  It really was a blast.

The wind in his face.

Three generations of Parkers.  How funny they're all wearing plaid too.

Uncle Brent and some awesome fall colors.

It was a lovely day.

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Sierra Parke said...

What a fun day. Tennyson went through the train/Thomas phase too. In fact, his bed comforter is a Thomas quilt my aunt made for him. Gavin is just the cutest and I LOVE his blond hair. Happy Birthday Gavin!