Thursday, October 29, 2009


By the time Gavin's actual birthday came around he was ready for another train ride.  When I asked him that morning what he wanted to do for his birthday he said, "Go to my birthday party!  Go on the train again!"  Well, we weren't about to go back to Heber again, but quickly I thought he might like to ride the 'bus-train' as I called it.  So off we went to ride the light-rail TRAX into downtown.  It just so happened that we got our first snow of the season that morning as we were leaving and spent the day out in it.  Poor Grandpa Parker from Florida nearly froze to death I think, but it was so much fun for Gavin to ride on another train.  He loved it.  We finished the day off with a family dinner at The Old Spaghetti factory where we got to sit inside the trolley/caboose.  It was a train themed birthday through and through.  

Gavin was born at 6:48 pm (pacific time).  Somehow they all came out singing him 'happy birthday' at exactly that minute (well, 7:48 pm mountain time).  It almost made me tear up that we literally celebrated his birth minute.  It was a neat moment.

A little unsure of what to make of these strangers singing to him I think.

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