Saturday, October 3, 2009


Tacoma is one of Washington's best kept secrets.  There are parts that are shady still, but along the waterfront it is becoming very urban and hip with a cool Seattle vibe.  Just outside the downtown area are charming suburbs with eclectic little shops and restaurants and lots of nature in between.  We spent the day driving around a bit, eating amazing smoked salmon on the waterfront, and touring this boat museum.

Gavin at the helm.

Curtis and Gavin often read 'Men, Ships, and the Sea' for a bedtime story (Curtis loved it growing up).  Gavin can name lots of different parts of the ships now and told us where the bow was and how many masts the ship had.  Not bad for a two year old. 

All of these workers on the ships dressed in period clothes and took care of the boats in exchange for a free bed and meals down beneath.  Anyone is welcome to join the crew and they even teach you how to sail.  How cool is that?  One of these ships was even in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Inside was a play area set up with Port of Tacoma infrastructure toys including ferries, docks, cars, barges, semi trucks, and trains all made out of wood.  Gavin was in heaven.

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jedibabe said...

I can bet Curt was in heaven too, showing his son all that great stuff. I can see Gavin on that boat, 20 years down the road, as a crewman learning to sail. These are ll such wonderful pictures. Thanks for taking the time to share them.