Saturday, October 3, 2009


Gavin and Gabriel.
While in Seattle we really wanted to get together with our old friends, the Sanders, who we met way back when in CA.  Our boys are only three months apart so we knew it would be fun for everyone if we met up to go camping on the coast.  We scored a huge campsite that was perfect for all the boys to run around (dads included) and spent lots of time out at the beach and hiking a bit.  We even built a proper bond fire on the beach at sunset.  We hope to make this sort of thing a tradition if we can.  It was super fun.  Thanks B,C,G,&J for the great weekend!

A pondering stump I suppose.

There was this sort of teeter-tooter log in our campsite that all the boys loved.  Boys will be boys.

This is for all you Twilight fans.  
I never read any of the Twilight books or even saw the movie, but we camped just outside of Forks, WA where it all took place so we had to swing by the visitors center for a peek.  This is the truck from the movie.  Pretty cool I guess.  Maybe I should get the book now.

Rialto Beach.

Curtis the daredevil.

Gavin's first time fishing.  They didn't catch anything, but they still had fun trying.

Some good old father and son bonding time on the river.

On our drive home we stopped at Crescent Lake, which is the third deepest lake in the country I think.  It really reminded us of Lake Tahoe, especially the electric blue color.  It was pretty cold though so Curtis was swimming solo.

The shore of Crescent Lake.  Gavin clambering around on the logs.

Rialto beach again.

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Sierra Parke said...

We camped on the Olympic Penninsula int he summer of 05'. I loved it. It is so beautiful up there.