Monday, October 5, 2009


Gavin balancing a seashell he found on his nose.  He was very proud of the fact he thought of this all on his own.

Curtis made this boat for Gavin at the ship museum the day before.  Gavin decorated it with the stickers.

This walrus at the zoo kept doing laps around the tank and zooming by us in the corner.  He was really huge and Gavin got such a kick out of it.  This was probably our favorite part of this zoo.

Dressing up as an octopus in the kid's zone.

Look what big teeth you have!

Once Gavin was told he had to put these back he instantly went into tantrum mode and chaos soon followed.  In the process of freaking out he bumped into the fake palm tree on display which knocked over a shelf of water bottles, which knocked over a shelf of coin purses and travel hairbrushes, which knocked over a basket of plastic fish, which knocked over a couple dozen other gift shop trinkets.  All of which landed in a huge pile on the floor making a loud crashing sound that left a hush over the gift shop.  Yeah, you can say I was a little embarrassed and upset.  It was just like a scene out of a movie.


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jedibabe said...

Oh Darcy, I can just imagine how you would have wanted the floor to swallow you up! I hope you and Curt were able to have a good laugh about it later.