Sunday, July 26, 2009


The Pacific Palisades holds an amazing hometown parade each 4th of July.  Even though it's a small town, this parade was awesome.  Miss America was the Grand Marshall and they had some really good marching bands from all over the country.  Gavin loved the fire trucks and all the confetti, but he thought the marching bands were too loud and kept covering his ears.  It was Gavin's first parade and I think he enjoyed most of it.  We also had an awesome BBQ lunch that day at our house with all the classic fixings.  We couldn't have asked for a better holiday.

The parade through Curtis' eyes, or at least his sunglasses.

The UCLA marching band.

We hiked out on the beach a ways in Malibu to watch this private fireworks show.  It was pitch-black out and super windy, but it was worth it because the fireworks were spectacular.  Gavin really loved it and couldn't stop saying 'ooh and aah' at every single explosion.  It was a late night for Gavin and really cold, but I'm so glad we went because it was also Gavin's first time seeing fireworks.  It just wouldn't have been 4th of July without some fireworks.

Curtis and Gavin trying to stay warm.
 Even though we had bundled up, it was much colder than we expected.

Me and my boy.

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Sierra Parke said...

What fun to go see a parade. A lot of our friends did that as well. Great idea. We just hung out and did a small BBQ and then lit off our own mini fireworks. It was fun.