Friday, November 7, 2008


This September we made the hour and a half drive up the coast to Santa Barbara for one fun-filled day.  We crammed as many activities as we could into a Saturday and made a nice tour around the city.  We already have planned our next trip up though because there is just too much to do and you can't really get enough of this beautiful coastal town.  Next time we will stay for a whole weekend.

A neat little park that we found with lots of boulders to climb around on.  Some little bug or something that Curtis is showing Gavin.  There is always a nature lesson to be learned when we are out and about.

Me and my boy.

The Santa Barbara Mission.  My first time to a mission here in California.  It was so beautiful and peaceful and the grounds were gorgeous.  Can't wait to find other missions to visit.

For once we finally rented one of these quadcycle thingies that we always see when we visit coastal towns.  It was really fun, a little harder to pedal than I expected, but a lot of fun.  We took it to an ice cream shop and cruised up and down the board walk.  These things can seat up to 8 or 10 people, it's pretty impressive to see one that large.

Down by the water.  Curtis made this little boat out of a feather, a shell, and a piece of driftwood.  Only my husband could pull that off.  The real impressive part though was that it actually worked.  It stayed upright and drifted away peacefully until a nice wave got it I think.

Underneath the Santa Barbara Pier.  Completely soaked and covered in sand at this point.  With the sun setting, we were just about ready to head home.

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