Friday, November 7, 2008


Gavin and his new 'fair friend' sharing the ride because they both wanted in the yellow  helicopter at the same time.  He had such a good time on this little ride.

Off he goes!  This would lift up over our heads and then come back down.  What a big boy.

His very first time riding a ride all by himself.  No adults were allowed--I was so nervous and worried the whole time, but he did great and I could hardly get him off of it.

His second pony ride....almost a year later.  Again, here he is riding all by himself.

Our little guy is growing up so fast.  He's looking much older nowadays. 

Oh, this slide was so fun!  If you click on this image to enlarge it you will see the worried look on Gavin's face.  I don't know if he liked this or not.  He just looked very concerned the whole way down and after we got off.  Well, he does like going down slides at the park more than he use to now so maybe it grew on him.

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