Thursday, August 4, 2011


We've lived in L.A. for eleven years!

And we still haven't even stratched the surface at seeing all the sights.

So we decided to start exploring more and set out over a couple of weekends to see what we could see...starting in Hollywood. Since that is where all the action is at.

The LACMA grounds are a must see and we went back here many times. The light installation is obviously iconic, but it is such a sight to see in person.

Especially at night.

Also on the LACMA grounds....this red and gray wall had me camera happy.

Kickin' it at LACMA still.

Had to make another stop at The Grove/Farmer's that place.

Then we drove around till we got a little lost looking for this gem.
The Greystone Mansion in the Hollywood Hills is so amazing. You can walk all around the grounds and even up next to the 'house' and it's all FREE!
Amazing views from here too.

The La Brea Tar of Gavin's favorite places now.
He keeps talking about this Wholly Mammoth.

Ahhh, this was just too funny not to share.
You gotta love a Giant Sloth impersonation.

So I had it in my brain that I had to see the Hollywood sign up close, but we weren't exactly sure where to go for a good view of it (even after some googling).

So we drove around, and around, and around....till we found this pretty view, but still no luck.
Even though the sun had set I was optomistic that we'd find it.

And lo and behold, we stumbled upon the road that lead to the trail that you can easily take this the dark.

But, we found it!

And now that we know where it is we are sure to go back in the daylight for a proper picture.

You gotta love L.A.

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