Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My boy is growing up fast. Already 4 1/2 and so full of personality and whit.

When he grows up he wants to be 'a police man, Batman, a super hero, and a lifeguard.' Last month he wanted to be a pilot and an astronaut.

He loves Nutella toast and chocolate milk and a 'suck yogurt' while we drive to preschool.

He can climb ANY rock or boulder he comes across and is starting to jump off things as tall as me. I predict in 15 years he will be scaling mountains. Seriously.

He loves Legos, space ships, robots, super heroes, and cars and is getting almost as good as Dad at building any of those things.....usually out of Legos.

He is sweet, cuddly, sensitive, determined, strong-willed, passionate, smart, and friendly. He is a good sharer and naturally artistic. He loves to sing and look at himself in the mirror. He has his mother's temper and nose. He has his father's musical ear and blond hair.

He is fiesty. He is a Scorpio. He is loved beyond measure.

And yes, his favorite color is red.

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Sierra Parke said...

What a fun little guy you've got there Darcy! I love Gavin's blond hair too! So, let's get together again!! Maybe for desert??? What do you think? All next week is open.