Tuesday, January 25, 2011


If you ever have a chance to go see it, please DO because you won't want to miss this one. Of course Gavin was messmerized, but even Curtis and I were so impressed. Life size dinasaurs are extremely entertaining, to say the least, and the show was even pretty educational. Two thumbs up from this family!

The grand finale was T-Rex and man was he ominous and scary. I wouldn't want to meet this guy face to face.

Oh, at this moment in the show T-Rex walked right up to the audience and got his face super close and then paused and all you could hear was him snorting/breathing loudly and then all of the sudden.......ROAR!!! It was so realistic it just gave me chills. I think Gavin covered his ears, but luckily no tears.

Oh yeah, here are the tears. The water works weren't from a scary dinosaur though, but from a mean Mommy monster insisting on taking a picture. Just one little picture was all I wanted. (And do you see him holding Pea Green dinosaur? He came along to the show too. This was Curtis' favorite stuffed animal as a kid and now it is Gavin's favorite as well. So sweet.)

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