Sunday, May 10, 2009


One of the few benefits of being unemployed is that you can just pick up and leave for a day trip right in the middle of the week.  That's exactly what we did when we headed for the quaint mountain town of Julian, CA.  It wasn't our first time there, but we love to go whenever we can and get our fill of homemade apple pie, rural countryside, and antiques window shopping.  This was the first time we had taken either Gavin or Banjo so it was a new adventure for the whole family, pug and all.  We also made it a point to drive down the canyon into the Anza-Borrego desert for sunset and enjoy the desert scenery.  So if you're ever in the San Diego area and want to see one of the most nostalgic and charming little towns around, this is your place.

On this particular trip we decided to drive around a bit on all the back country roads and explore a little.  Well, we came upon this trail head and decided we would go for a short hike/nature walk before breakfast.  It was just an open field with grazing cattle, but there was a fire road to walk on and we figured the cows looked tame (and far away) enough.  It was so scenic and picturesque, but Gavin was in no mood for a walk.  He was only interested in poking at rocks and kicking the dirt.  It took quite a bit of convincing to get him more than a few steps that morning.  So we just took it easy and hung out beneath this great tree for a while and watched the clouds roll by.  And just when you think this story is coming to a boring end, well, think again.  We stopped at a stream on our way out and were watching Gavin play with rocks again when all of the sudden a very large bull WITH HUGE HORNS comes trotting at us, only feet away.  Curtis had been yelling (from up the hill) for Gavin and I to move, but as I was yelling back 'What?' over and over, the bull was getting closer and closer to me and my young child.  And as luck would have it I was wearing a very bright red shirt that day.  I'm sure having red hair didn't help either.  Well, I am here to tell our tale, so we obviously escaped unharmed, but it was definitely one of those moments that could have gotten ugly depending on how friendly our little bull friend was.  In the bull's defense though, he was merely trotting over to get a drink at the stream and we just happened to be right in his spot.  So the lesson learned here is to always watch your back when the bulls are never know how friendly they will be.  Important life lessons for a 2 year old to learn.

Enjoying the day and blissfully unaware we were about to become bull-kabobs!

Wouldn't you have been scared too if he had been running straight at you?  He looks much smaller here from up on the hill, but trust me, he was big and those horns were sharp.

Trying out the new Christmas present.  I think Gavin needs the next size up.  These are a little too small.

Our two sons.  Just taking a spontaneous break while walking.  Walking your dog can be very exhausting.

A beautiful desert sunset.  You can't beat the colors out there.  I was in love.

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