Thursday, April 23, 2009


Our trip to Seattle wouldn't have been complete without a day or two spent in downtown.  The Olympic Sculpture Park was top on our list, as well as the Experience Music Project, and the usual Pike Place Market.  We also made it to the Space Needle, the waterfront, and Alki Beach.  Can anyone say 'Pegasus Pizza?'  YUM!  It just happened to be one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record for Seattle, but that didn't stop a bunch of fair-weather Californians from walking around outside for two days without any gloves or proper winter coats.  But who cares?  Seattle is by far the coolest city anywhere.  So urban, so artsy, and so vintage all at the same time.  I would LOVE to live here again.  Especially if we could afford one of those cool new townhomes near the city center or some old bungalow on Queen Anne Hill.  I wouldn't complain about having friends and family finally near by either.  Maybe some day.

Our attempt at a family portrait.

'Whoa, where did Uncle Brent's body go?'

Seattle's famous Monorail.  I hadn't ridden this thing in years.  We thought Gavin would get a kick out of it.  He certainly did.

The 'underground' portion of Pike Place Market.  Some of the coolest and funkiest shops you'll ever see.  It's almost a must-see every time we come home to visit.

The Experience Music Project from the outside reflecting the Space Needle.  We also went through the exhibit inside, but was a bit disappointed.  Don't get me wrong, it is really cool inside, but if you're not a serious music buff and if you have a very active 2 year old wanting to run around it is kind of a waste of money.  The music studio was pretty cool, but everything was out of order and so crowded the day we went.  I'm glad we went though.  I've always wanted to go inside.

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