Thursday, April 23, 2009


We brought with us from California all the winter clothes we had and then borrowed and shopped till we were sufficiently bundled and ready to take on the snow.  A smallish hill at a Selah elementary school proved to be the perfect spot for first time toddler runs and even some dare-devil stunts.  Our California boy was not too thrilled with the cold and snow, but was a good sport and humored his mom and dad for an hour or so.  I, on the other hand, had the time of my life (as well as everyone else) and  was soon dreaming of skiing down one of those ski slopes we passed on our drive through Snoqualmie Pass towards Yakima.  We never did make it to the ski slopes, but we sure did shread on that small Selah hill.

Californians trying to stay warm.

Gavin's first time down the 'bunny hill' by himself.  Obviously not as thrilled to be sledding as we were watching him.  He was not too sure what to make of this odd past time.  But being that this was really his first time in the snow, he was a trooper and unenthusiastically participated in the festivities. 

Buddy, the sledding mascot.

I believe even Buddy took a turn at some old fashioned sledding that day.

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