Tuesday, March 13, 2012

christmas was here. 2011.

We bought our tree

and decorated it with blue lights.

We made gingerbread houses.

And lots of snowflakes to fill the window.

This was Gavin's first time making snowflakes and I think they turned out pretty good....and no help from me.

We also decorated cookies with friends.

Of course we went and saw Santa to make sure he knew that Gavin wanted a space shuttle toy and polizia car (Italian Lamborghini police car that he saw at the store).

Afterwards we took a spin on this adorable reindeer carousel.  Notice our elf (on a shelf), Namey, came along and even had his very own reindeer to ride.

Finally Christmas morning arrived and it was full of excitement and a few goodies from Santa.

Including a polizia car

and a pair of binoculars that someone wanted.

This light saber lollipop was also a big hit.
Thanks Aunt Tammy!

Banjo seemed to enjoy all the festivities and burrowing in this gigantic mountain of wrapping paper.

It was a magical Christmas.

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