Monday, October 24, 2011

turning 5: a darth vader birthday party!

This year Gavin requested a Star Wars birthday party, but it quickly became apperant that all he wanted was Darth Vader.  No Luke Skywalker, no CP3O, just Darth Vader.  And so the black and red Darth Vader party was born.  These colors also happen to be his favorite at the moment so this party had Gavin written all over it.  Add a few close friends and one awesome Darth Vader cake and we had ourselves a pretty good time.

Lots of streamers and balloons.  I'm sure deep down Darth Vader loves a balloon or two.

 Darth Vader Masks and inflatable light sabers were the must-have party favors.

Cameron and Gavin, two very big Darth Vader fans.

All Gavin wanted for his birthday this year was a light saber.  

A red Darth Vader light saber.

He's been begging for one all year.

This one lights up super bright with LEDs and makes all kinds of cool authentic sounds.  As you can guess, Gavin is in love.  Let's just say this baby has a place on his pillow at night.

Homemade chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream  +  Curtis' amazing artistic abilities  =

The coolest and tastiest Darth Vader Cake around!

The birthday boy!

The Party Guests:

Kelly wtih Nick and Alie.

Sandra and her husband Alex.  Rashna and little Jasper.

 Princess Zoey.

All out in the battlefield I think.


So it was a pretty awesome day.
The kids had a blast.
The parents got to chat.
And the house wasn't too worse for the wear.

So thanks guys for coming out our way and helping to make it such a fun day for Gavin!

Oh, and you guys are some of the best gift-givers around!  The house is still full of excitement, laughter, and new sounds from Hot Wheels tracks and Tron guys!

Thanks again!


Heather said...

So awesome! Just showed the boys.

Jedibabe said...

I wish I could have been there! It looks like it was a blast. The decorations were fabulous and the cake was very impressive. Great team work!

gay said...

darcy this looks amazing! you know how to throw a party. i can't believe how big gavin looks. if you guys don't have anything going on sat nite, you should come to the ward halloween party!