Thursday, September 29, 2011

.gavin's first day of kindergarten.

Well, this day finally arrived.

A day you think about when they're still just tiny newborn babes.  You think it is so far off.  That it will never happen.  Surely your little bundle will be the exception and never grow into a big school aged kid.  You innocently think they'll be little forever.

Then one day it's suddenly here.

They did grow.

They are big.

 And you are enrolling them in Kindergarten.

But they are so excited.

They feel so big.

And they are ready....and really you are ready too.

Ready for them to learn and grow and do great things.

And so off they go to this big new world called school 

and excitedly wave and kiss you goodbye.

They march right in and immediately make a friend.

Proving to you that they are indeed ready for this.

Then they come home full of wonderful stories and quickly begin to surprise you with all the amazing things they can do.

And you proudly display it on the fridge.

And you look forward to another day.
You know that this sweet child is being prepared to take on the world.

One letter at a time.

And you begin to think about another day.
High school graduation.

Oh, but they are still so little.
Surely your kindergartner will never grow that big....


Cori said...

such a cute, well written post! now i am not only excited for a baby, i'm excited for a kindergartner!

Jedibabe said...

My nephew is adorable! You are so going to have to deal with little girls loitering around your house all the time. I can't believe he's going to school already.