Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So as part of our advent calendar/count down to Christmas ritual we included 'go iceskating' this year on our festive list. And especially with friends in town it seemed the perfect holiday activity. And although it was apparent that neither Gavin or I have a career in iceskating in our future, we still managed to have a great time bumbling about on the ice.

All geared up and ready to go.

Gavin was so excited to go iceskating that day, but I think he was a little surprised at how hard iceskating actually was. That darn ice is just so slippery. He was pretty unstable out there on his iceskates, but he still managed to enjoy himself.

We slowly completed several laps around the ice until our poor feet (and my back) couldn't take any more :-) It is a lot of work keeping a four year old from falling on the ice. But Gavin was so focused and determined to iceskate and kept trying and trying till the very end. He never got discouraged or gave proud of him.

Our friends, Paul and Kelly, were in town for the day and joined us in our little iceskating adventure. Kelly is an excellent skater and I think her daughter Alie is a natural like her mom. As you can see, the guys are no where to be found out on the ice. Since Curtis had just healed up from a broken wrist and surgery, he was more than a little hesitant to try iceskating this time round. Wouldn't that be horrible to fall and break your other wrist? So I don't blame him, but he sure missed out on some tippy, slippy fun.

We managed to come off the ice without any falls or spills and our egos still intact, so I think we came out ahead on this one. Iceskating is just so invigorating that despite your aching feet and back you still have a smile plastered across your face. It is undeniably fun.

And so off we went to get a hot chocolate and enjoy the rest of our day with some friends.

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