Saturday, February 26, 2011


For Gavin's fourth birthday we surprised him with a new kitchen set that he's always wanted. Curtis and I stayed up late, really late, assembling it so that he would find it first thing in the morning when he woke up. Pictured above is my six course breakfast he made me that morning. Such a good little chef!

He was so thrilled with this gift. It still just melts my heart when he goes to his kitchen and cooks something for us and visitors.

Since Gavin's birthday fell on a weekday I got to go to his preschool and help prepare a special birthday snack for the whole class. The kids enjoyed fresh popped popcorn, watermelon and yummy popsicles. I also got to read a book or two for the class and join in their little dance party. It was so much fun and I could tell that Gavin loved having me there!

A bunch of party animals!
It is such a sight to see that many four year olds bouncing around.
Happy Birthday Mr. Gavin.

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