Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It was a simple yet lovely day spent together as a family.

We made homemade valentines for each other this year. It was such a success that I think we will keep this tradition up for years to come.

Showing some of his heart filled creations.

Breakfast of course consisted of heart shaped eggs and toast! Yum!

Picking daisies in the grass at the park.

Making new friends.

Sharing daisies.

Enjoying the day.

Top it all off with a lovely sunset, home cooked filet mignon, and belgium chocolate mousse! It was a perfect Valentine's Day. We love and miss you all!

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Jedibabe said...

Girl, you are so talented! When I first logged on, I wasn't sure I was in the right place, it looked like a Martha Stewart site or something. These pictures are alll AMAZING. Of course, your subjects are all beautiful and I adore them, but your talent behind the camera really makes each photo glow. I love you all and miss you SO MUCH.