Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It was mid January and as snowy and cold as ever. We all hopped in the car for a Sunday drive to go exploring. We happened upon Utah Lake all frozen over and covered in snow and had just arrived in time for sunset. The lighting was magical. The wind however was bitterly cold and it felt as cold and icy as winter gets. Little did we know that we were soon heading to warmer weather. California would soon be calling our name again and this would be one of our last wintery weeks in Utah. We soaked up all the winter splendor we could tolerate and took a few pictures along the way. We headed home, dreamed of warmer days, but smiled as we looked out the window and enjoyed the powdery snow on the ground.

My first time ever standing on a frozen lake. I was so intrigued, but so freaked out by it too. When the ice started making creaking sounds I was done. I enjoyed my view from the road.

An icy sunset on the lake.

Obviously we weren't the only ones exploring the ice this winter.

Up, close, and icy.


Kevin and Kristen said...

How fun! Again, those are beautiful pictures. It sure does look chilly. But Spring is right around the corner, and that season is so pretty there in Utah.

Kevin and Kristen said...

I actually just caught the sentence of you moving back to CA! Where are you thinking about? Hopefully you will be in CA for a little bit longer than you were in UT. Good luck with moving and everything that goes along with that.