Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Our own little Thomas the Tank Engine.  Complete with train whistle.

As cute as they come.

We spent Halloween day at Thanksgiving Point's glorified pumpkin patch.

The hayride.

By far the coolest thing there.  
Bouncy beds of air the size of a football field.  SO MUCH FUN!


In the company of fairies, witches, and Minnie Mouse.


Sierra Parke said...

That is the cutest Thomas the Train I have ever seen!!! Thanksgiving Point looks so cool. I've heard neat things about it too. One day I'll have to check it out!

Kevin and Kristen said...

He is so cute Darcy! Hope you guys are enjoying the winter season; Kevin's folks called and said that it was 19 degrees today. Yikes!
Hey, so I was wondering what your address is to send you a Christmas card?? You can just email it at pieronifive@yahoo.com. Thanks!