Monday, October 5, 2009


As we're sure most of your address books will attest, we move a lot.  So it should come as no surprise that once again we have moved, this time back to Utah.  With the economy and the car industry the way they are we have opted out of the game and are seeking refuge in Utah's borders.  We are sad to be leaving our good friends and the beaches in California, but we are hopeful that Utah will temporarily provide a more stable environment for us.  So the surfboards and sandtoys have been packed away in exchange for winter coats, gloves, and scarves.  We are already enjoying autumn weather and can't wait for the holidays to arrive with appropriately cool temperatures.  So open those address books up and get ready to make some changes, but we suggest you just do it in pencil.

We were quite the caravan with a 26' truck towing a trailer plus my car with two kayaks on top.  You could definitely see the Parkers coming.

Moving day inside the truck.

Gavin saying his good-byes to the house.  This was our last time in our yard.

During the packing phase of our move.  Gavin saw this stack of boxes and found it to be the perfect perch for reading.


daveanddebbie said...

I'm having mixed reactions to your move. 1. sad that you've left before we ever got to come visit you (and we've been trying to get out there this year) I guess we're to blame since it's been almost 8 years! 2. Excited that we will actually get to see you in Orem!! Good luck in getting settled.

Sierra Parke said...

Oh my, you've moved again...this time all the way to Utah!!!! I'm glad this will work out better for you and your family, but I am so bummed considering I am moving back to LA in July! We just keep missing each other, huh? PLEASE email me your new address. I don't want to lose staying in touch with you.