Thursday, November 13, 2008


Gavin turns 2!!  The theme of his birthday party this year was Cars, the Disney movie.  This is his favorite movie right now and is starting to get quite the collection of Cars toys.  We decided to throw his actual birthday party a few days early because Curtis was scheduled to fly to Germany for work and wanted him to be there for at least some of the festivities.  The day of the party we put Gavin down for his usual nap and while he was sleeping we decorated the whole living room and got out all of his presents and his birthday cake.  When he finally woke up and walked out of his room it turned into a surprise party of sorts.  We all yelled 'surprise!' and I think he certainly was.  It was so nice to have Grandma and Grandpa Wallwork here to help us celebrate.

I had picked up a dozen helium filled balloons plus one huge Lightning McQueen  mylar balloon to fill the room with color and set the theme.  Grandma and Grandpa blew up all of the red balloons on the floor and Curtis artfully hung the streamers for me.  It certainly looked very festive when we were all done decorating and I know Gavin loved it.

Gavin received quite a few gifts this year (big surprise) and had so much fun opening all of them.  He got a couple of really nice bigger gifts that he liked, but his most favorite gift of all was this $3.00 Lightning McQueen car.  He wouldn't put it down.  Go figure.  He really did love all of his presents though--they all seemed perfectly suited for him and his interests.  Thank you very much to all of you who sent gifts and cards.  We really appreciate it and Gavin was very excited each time he got a package or a card in the mail.  He knew they were for him and tried to open them immediately, which he usually did.

Gavin trying out his new push-along buggy while dad finishes assembling it.  He has always loved these little cars and we were so excited to finally get one for him.  Who cares that it's the size of a coffee table and takes up half of his bedroom--we finally just threw our hands up and said 'oh well.'  Just as long as we don't collect a whole fleet of them.

His birthday cake this year.  I'm not sure why he looks so scared here in this picture.  He might have been a little worried about that flame I think.  Just like last year, he didn't want anything to do with eating his birthday cake.  He loves ice cream and ate all of that, but wouldn't take more than one bite of cake.  I'm sure someday that will change.

Gavin and I livin' it up!  Woo-who, look who's two!

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