Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We were so excited to take Gavin on a few rides at the fair this year.  We were able to find a few that he was tall enough to go on and boy did he love it.  After the first ride he couldn't wait to do another one and would grab our hands and lead us to another ride and just point and whine.  We couldn't get the tickets out fast enough!  I have to admit though that I got a bit of motion-sickness after one or two of these things.  I'm not as tough as I use to be, Mrs. Rollercoaster herself.  But Gavin loved it and we were so glad he got to experience the fair this year.

The semi-truck ride was a big hit.  You can see Gavin wearing his new orange crocks that he had just gotten at the fair a few minutes earlier.

This is the ride that gave me a stomach-ache.  It would sling-shot you around the corners and after 20 or 30 laps that gets a bit old.  Gavin loved it though.

Gavin got to see and pet lots of farm animals while we were there.  It was one of his first times being this close to all the goats and baby cows and he just seemed so fascinated by them.  Spending the day at the Del Mar fair was the perfect way to celebrate the fourth of July weekend.  With all the hamburger and ice cream eating we did, it seemed like a very American way to celebrate.

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