Friday, November 7, 2008


This summer Gavin and I flew to Salt Lake for a Thurman/Wallwork family reunion.  It was held at 'This Is The Place' Monument on a very hot day in August.  We had a great time seeing all of our extended family and having Gavin meet his cousins, second cousins, and second cousins twice removed for the very first time.  After the formal get-together and lunch we headed out to the historic village there at the monument.  Gavin got to see an old school house and wear a dunce cap, pet lots of farm animals, and see a black smith hard at work.  The highlights of the visit definately were the horseback rides and the miniature train rides though.  It was Gavin's first time on an actual horse, not just a pony, and without being strapped on.  I was very proud of him--he rode like a pro.  We had a wonderful day, despite the 95 degee weather, and can't wait till the next reunion in three years.

Here is the miniature train that Gavin absolutely loved riding on.  Everyone took a turn riding with Gavin on the train, but he still had not had enough.  At one point, Gavin took off after the train and tried to chase it because he wanted to get back on.  He ran at least 100 yards and kept waving and crying for it to come back.  It was very sad, but eventually we headed on and saw the rest of the village.  I knew Curtis would have loved to have been there to ride the train with Gavin too, but he had to stay home to work.

Grandpa Wallwork having his turn riding the train with Gavin.

Grandpa and Grandma Wallwork by 'This Is The Place' Monument.

Gavin at the Thanksgiving Point gardens holding his new cement truck he just got from the gift shop.

Before heading back to the airport we spent a few hours at temple square in Salt Lake City and had lunch at The Lion's House.  Again, it was a hot day, but we had a wonderful time walking in the gardens and spending a few more hours with Grandma and Grandpa Wallwork before we had to go home.

Water features are always a hit with Gavin wherever we go.

Posing with the flowers.  They had such beautiful gardens there.

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Beautiful gardens; gorgeous child!