Friday, September 12, 2008


It was the mother of all road-trips.  With two weeks of vacation, Curtis and I decided to hit the road and slowly work our way from L.A. to Seattle taking the coastal route.  With Banjo along for the ride too, we made many stops on our way and stayed overnight in some truly beautiful places.  On the way up we hit Solvang, the Big Sur Coast, Monterey Bay and the aquarium, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, the Muir Woods, and then finally Seattle for some good quality family time.  We were able to visit with my parents and some good friends of ours and then it was off to Eastern Washington to visit Curtis' parents and sister in Selah.  We also had a great time there, but unfortunately Gavin came down with a nasty flu and was sick for several days throwing up.  The day we finally decided we could leave, my brother Brent convinced us to take a slight detour home and travel back to L.A. via Salt Lake City, UT so he too could visit with us all.  So off we went to Utah with a slightly sick baby in the car, but we figured the worst was over.  Well, the story takes a turn for the worse here because it was only a few hours into the drive that Gavin began throwing up again and it was only another few hours until both Curtis and I came down with the most violent case of food poisoning that we had ever experienced.  We were sick all night in a Idaho motel room and remained rather ill for several days after.  To make a very long story short, we eventually made it to Orem, UT and were able visit my brother and some other good friends of ours.  On the way back we made a quick stop in Kolob Canyon for a hike (we were feeling much better by then) and then it was straight to L.A. to finally go home.  Despite our round of sicknesses, we had a wonderful time.  We saw many gorgeous places and got to visit family and friends as well.  I don't think we'll take a road-trip for a while, but I do know that we made many wonderful memories that we'll cherish forever.  34oo miles of memories.
The Big Sur Coast

A quick shot of us while visit Grandma and Grandpa Higbee in Selah, WA.

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jedibabe said...

Aunt Tammy again- Darcy your picture of Big Sur is breath taking! Great job. It was so good to see you all back in April. I sooo wish we lived closer to each other.